Run Intervals

One of the fastest ways to improve your cardio fitness - and your running fitness!

Running is a skill and this is the class where you will learn to do it better! Instead of going for a long continuous run, this class uses interval training to improve your running fitness, speed and technique. Run Intervals will allow you to build up your running distances so that you are regularly achieving new PB's in our Run Local class and at all of your running events. Whether you're brand new to running, working on your 5km run, or training for a big run event, our Run Intervals class will take your running ability to a whole new level!


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1. Run Intervals begins with a warm up that will get your body moving and your body ready for the workout.

2. Your instructor will then guide and motivate you through the main workout. Workouts will be outdoors and on a variety of terrains (flats, hills etc), using high intensity speed work and recovery periods to keep you improving.

Throughout the class your trainer will be giving regular feedback to help you improve your technique (running is a skill!) and help you take your running to the next level. Run Intervals is designed to challenge all fitness levels, whether you're a complete beginner, or a regular marathon runner!

3. The class finish with stretching and mobility exercises to assist with your recovery.


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Wear comfortable clothes which allow ease of movement and grab some comfortable running shoes for your feet.

Apart from that bring a water bottle and towel.


Run Intervals is suitable for everyone!
Run Intervals is structured so that everyone works at their own level and runs at their own speed (even if it's a snails pace!).

This class is perfect if you fit into any running category, for example:

  • Brand new to running and nervous about getting started
  • Trying to achieve a personal best for your current distance
  • Working on building your short runs up to a longer distance
  • Training for a fun run or mud run
  • Training for a longer event such as a half marathon (or maybe an ultra marathon!!)
  • Regular distance runner who would like to improve their technique and times



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Loved the new BodyBalance class this morning!

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement...X-Training and Boxing Circuits are my favourite classes to love and hate equally at the same time ;)
- Matt

Highly recommend Bec she knows your capabilities and pushes you to achieve greater results. Love Boxing & BodyCombat!
- Julie K

BodyBalance is so great! Best work out....ever.
- Nadine

Before you know it, the hour's up & you've worked hard, burned lots of calories & had a laugh at the same time.
- Anita

Fun and a good way to start your day.
- Jenna