Mums & Bubs

Get healthier, happier, and have fun with your kids!

Mums & Bubs is a blend of mind & body fitness, sweat, noise (we did say bubs!), and friendly chatting. Each Mums & Bubs class will give you a total body workout, using functional strength exercises with pilates floor work for abdominal and core conditioning. 

Our classes are kept small to ensure individual attention for all participants and are a great way to lead by example and show your kids how to live a healthy, active and happy life! It’s an activity that focuses on you, but is fun for kids too!

Whether you sign up on your own or with some friends, we ensure you’ll meet other like-minded mums & bubs, going through the same things you are.


MumBubFitball small1. The class will begin with a flowing tai chi warm up that will warm your body and allow you to center your mind.

2. Your instructor will then motivate and guide you through your main workout which will be split into two main sections. The first section will include a mix of cardio and functional strength exercises using your own body weight, resistance bands, suspension training, medicine balls + more. The second section will be pilates floor work. This section is designed to help you rehab and regain your core with professional guidance and advice.

During the class your baby can be out with you in a carrier, in your arms, on a mat, or sleeping in the pram! Toddlers can sit and play, or explore the class with you. There's no stress about the kids making too much noise, or babies needing a quick feed, you'll be with other mums going through the same things you are.

3. You will finish with a well deserved stretch!


It's a great idea to wear comfortable workout clothes which allow ease of movement. Grab some comfortable gym shoes for your feet.

Bring along a water bottle and towel - you will get sweaty!

Babies and and young kids aged 6 weeks through to 4 years are welcome! If you're lucky enough to have a baby sitter or day care for the day, you can still come along without the kids!

Bring anything with you that you would like for the kids (pram, carrier, snacks, blanket etc).


MumBubDownDogMums & Bubs is for all fitness levels! We use progressive exercise programs that cater for complete beginner through to advanced fitness levels.

Mums & Bubs of all ages are welcome to join in! No matter where you are in motherhood, or how unfit you feel, we can help you get back on track.


Mums & Bubs classes are starting in late January 2015.

Mums & Bubs classes are designed to help you maintain and regain your health & fitness through all of the challenges motherhood presents! We understand that despite your best intentions, it can be difficult to juggle children, relationships, work and general day-to-day tasks. If you're longing for more energy and zest for life, let us help you find your spark, connect with your babies, and lead a happier and healthier lifestyle!

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Loved the new BodyBalance class this morning!

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement...X-Training and Boxing Circuits are my favourite classes to love and hate equally at the same time ;)
- Matt

Highly recommend Bec she knows your capabilities and pushes you to achieve greater results. Love Boxing & BodyCombat!
- Julie K

BodyBalance is so great! Best work out....ever.
- Nadine

Before you know it, the hour's up & you've worked hard, burned lots of calories & had a laugh at the same time.
- Anita

Fun and a good way to start your day.
- Jenna